2018 Kuhn VK 95

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VK 95



With a low profile, smooth edges and streamlined defectors the Kuhn VK shredders will finely shred grass, vine shoots and prunings. Ideal for grape-growing operations, the VK models are available in working widths from 3'1" to 5'1".

Run at high speeds, the forged steel heavy hammer knives shred clippings and vine shoots finely and cut grass impeccably. Recutting is carried out using three counter-knives, one notched and two straight. If desired, these shredders can be offset up to 8" to the right (depending on model) for shredding under or close to trees and vines. The rear roller, with a scraper, flattens loose soil or ruts and provides additional clearance. Cutting height is adjusted by the rear roller or steel wheels.

  • Linkage: 3 point - axial
  • Offset (inches): 7.5 in. (19 cm)
  • Working width (feet): 3.5 ft. / 1.15
  • Overall width (feet): 4 ft. / 1.26
  • Transmission: 13/8 in.- 6 splines
  • Outer diameter of rotor (inches): 15.5 in. (398 mm)
  • Diameter of rotor tube (inches): 5 in. (127 mm)
  • Thickness of rotor tube (inches): 5/16 in. (8 mm)
  • Speed of rotor/s at 540 min-1 (min-1): 2218
  • Linear speed of rotor (m/s) at P.T.O 540 min -1: 46
  • Number of hammer knives: 12
  • Drive: Free wheel
  • Number / Type of belts: 2/SPBX
  • Weight (kg): 330 kg
  • Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW): 21 kW
  • Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp): 28 hp
  • Maximum authorised tractor power (kW): 33 kW
  • Maximum Authorised Tractor Power (hp): 45 hp
  • Rear Hood: Rigid
  • Height control: Roller or wheels



Working Width
3.5 ft. (1.15 m)
4 ft. (1.26 m)
Recommended HP
45 hp

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